San Francisco Gets a Taste of Free Wi-Fi

It seems that the City by the Bay is the next in the growing list of cities to invest in a major public Wi-Fi network, with free internet going live in key areas of the city as of last Friday. San Francisco visitors and residents alike will now be able to enjoy an extensive three-mile long Wi-Fi network running across Market Street.

Market Street is one of the busiest areas of San Francisco, with as many as a quarter of a million people passing through the area every day, all of whom will now have access to a free Wi-Fi network. Eagle-eyed residents of the area may already have noticed a connection called “_San_Francisco_Free_WiFi” as of late last week.

Reportedly, the release of a public Wi-Fi network in the city has been on the cards for some years. However, after a failed partnership with AT&T, the city has reportedly struck out on its own. With help from a number of hardware and service donations, fiber optic cables were installed across the famous city street to provide a reported 50Mbps potential speed to local internet users.

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