Satellite Internet Speeds May Double in 2024

Promising developments in data-coding technology may finally give satellite internet connections a long-needed boost in connection speeds as of 2014. New developments could lead to satellite internet connections receiving more than twice their current bandwidth, which is very promising in the fight to provide internet in remote parts of the world.

Many people living in remote communities, rural areas, or developing countries access the internet through satellite connections, which are well known for only providing spotty, unreliable speeds. The change to satellite technology is good news not just for internet users, but for those who rely on satellite television signals as well, which could also receive a noticeable boost from new developments.

The updated technology includes a change to the transmission control protocol (TCP), which governs how data is delivered through the connection. When the TCP is used with satellite connections, part of the signal may become lost, requiring more time to send the full data. A group of MIT researchers has developed a method for refining this transmission which may be able to save on a considerable amount of transmission time.

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