Slow Wi-Fi? Eco Mode Might be the Problem

Slow Wi-Fi?Slow internet is a frustrating problem, especially when you’re paying a lot of money every month for what is supposed to be a fast connection speed. If you’re using Wi-Fi, there are a lot of little factors which could be contributing to a lack of bandwidth, but there’s one you can change just by altering your router settings.

Some routers on the market today come with an ‘eco’ setting that can automate the device to turn on and off during specific hours, which can be a very useful tool. However there can be a problem with certain, less efficient, routers which causes eco mode to dull the Wi-Fi connection it is meant to be transmitting. Although it’s always good to do your piece for the environment (and your electrical bills), the good deed of setting to eco mode could be causing your Wi-Fi connection to dwindle

You may never have enabled eco mode, however for some routers, it is a default setting which you may not even be aware about. If you suspect that your Wi-Fi connection is not what it should be, and especially if you have a new router which might be equipped with eco mode, it’s definitely suggested that you take a look at your settings. In some models it might be labeled as a “transmission power” setting, which will be set to low; you want to set this on high to enjoy a better connection.

In the long run, routers take up a surprisingly small amount of electricity, and you could be enjoying much faster Wi-Fi connection if you switch off eco mode.

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