South African Mobile Network Launches Rural Internet Cafes

African Internet CafeSouth African mobile operator MTN has launched the eStreet mobile internet café project, which will give clients 24/7 internet connectivity. This initiative will be particularly focused on rural areas where internet connections are sparse, and where the company is hoping it will be able to encourage its customers to get better use out of the world of the internet.

“The MTN eStreet mobile internet café will travel around the country, especially to the often forgotten communities outside the urban centres,” explained Brian Gouldie, chief marketing officer (CMO) at MTN. “The café will ensure that new and existing subscribers get the most out of our world-class network, smart technologies and online solutions.”

The eStreet project will also include a free interactive service to help educated MTN customers about the digital environment. The mobile network is particularly interested in ensuring that all customers – current and potential – are smartphone-savvy in this day and age.

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