Speakeasy Speed Test for iPad

On the App Store, you’ll find more than enough cool apps for you to play around with. Of all of these apps that you can download, which could be games (more than likely), you may want the SpeakEasy speed test for the iPad. It’s one of those apps that can do some pretty good things for you, and while it is certainly something that you want to download, we’ll be sure to lay out some of the reasons why you’d like to do so. We like this as something that can obviously accurately do some speed tests for you, and it’s actually the highest rated speed test app that’s actually on the App Store at current, which is always a good thing.

What is it?

A speed test app is an app that will test your net speed, wherever you happen to be. People use this as a gauge to determine how fast you can load web pages or download some things. This is now possible on the iPad, and it’s just as easy as if you were to do it on your Apple laptop. There are some really cool things about this app, especially in its current form. Version 2.1.3, released November 22, 2011 is about 9.7 MB and it’s available in just quite a few languages.

This app states that it can do one-tap connection testing in less than 30 seconds, all because of their global network. It actually works very well and very quickly. One of the best things here is to consider is how easy it is, and that as to do with the fact that you don’t have to do too much. But, with a lot of apps, you won’t find that any of them are really easy, and most people come to the consideration that any app that requires a lot of steps is bad. With that in mind, the developers obviously keep at the forefront of their process, a move that translated wonderfully here.

The free app also scored well with the people who downloaded the app, which is easily the best thing about it (besides it being free, of course.) The current version got some really good reviews, but it’s actually the all-time reviews that it received, earning high marks for the versions of the product that they’ve released over quite some time. This is a substantial reason why people should download it, as people have loved and supported the product in the past, which means at the very least that it will be sufficient for your efforts, more often than not.

The SpeakEasy speed test app is one that really shines in the way that you’d like it to if you’re looking for a really good app. With this amount of support, there’s no reason why you’d believe that it won’t work in the way that you’d want it to, and neither do some of the specs. It also doesn’t look too bad, either. That’s usually a plus.

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