Speed Up a Slow Home Connection

Everyone wants a home internet connection that delivers, but if your network speeds aren’t what you’d hoped for, there are a few things you can do to help it along. Before you decide to upgrade to a more expensive bundle with your internet service provider, you can always try to boost your connection at home.

One thing which many people overlook when they want a faster internet connection at home is just how important a good internet router is. If your router is ten years old, then it can only handle connection speeds which were standard ten years ago. The better your router is, the faster you can expect your home network to be, so investing in a great router is one way to keep your connection steady.

Another great and often overlooked tip is to keep your browser updated whenever possible. Some browsers are actually better suited to slower internet connections, so that may be able to help you load pages faster. Updating browsers might not directly affect your internet connection, but it will make browsing on an slower connection easier.

If you share your home internet connection with a large household, be sure to check that other users aren’t hogging the connection by using high-bandwidth services like streaming and downloading all the time. Also, be sure that any home Wi-Fi connections are secured with a password to keep anyone else from piggybacking off your connection and ruining your speed.

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