Speed Up Your Internet Connection

The major cause of a slow internet connection in most cases is as a result of the Internet Service Provider. Whether this is the case or not, it is possible to optimize the internet connection through port functions with the bandwidth that has been provided. A common problem of slowed internet connection is for the router to have been set with a downloading limit without the user’s knowledge and this slows downloading speeds. In order to find out if this is the case, the cable going to the router may be connected directly to the computer and the speed monitored. If the speed is significantly faster, then the router could have been set with a limit.

The ports for the router can also be opened on the computer and under the router settings and port forwarding, the IP address should be input. The router is required to be configured in a way that it can accept ports for the appropriate programs that are being used. Port speed is an important factor and the modem should be set up with the right speed for appropriate internet speeds. Incase modem connection problems still persist; one could try and lower the port speed towards modem speed and turn off the compression. This is done only for those set ups that still utilize old UART’s.

The general connecting ports should be checked for any loose connections or wiring which may be the cause of a slow or breaking connection. The use of cable mapping tools may also play a vital role in ensuring that cables are properly assigned and in addition can show port status, byte counts, and port speed. The use of USB ports for internet connection has served to create a fast and convenient way for broadband internet connection. Wireless USB devices have also shown great performance speed in addition to their portability.

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