Sprint 4G LTE Wireless Coverage Expands to 40 More Cities

With subscribers practically banging down the doors for more data and faster mobile connections, Sprint has expanded its 4G LTE network to include another 40 cities around the US. This means that no fewer than 340 cities are currently able to make use of the superfast mobile connection network.

Sprint has already had most of the major cities in the country ticked off its list for some time, but there are a few which had still to be converted to the LTE network. Milwaukee, Salt Lake City and Reno are all familiar names on the list of Sprint’s latest wireless coverage expansion, along with a network of 27 others.

Along with their upgraded 4G LTE wireless network, Sprint is also looking towards expanding its mobile connectivity with the introduction of Sprint Spark. Even though some cities are only just getting 4G LTE, Sprint Spark is already the next development in LTE connectivity, and is expected to roll out to 100 cities in the next three years.

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