Sprint Promises Enhanced Cellular Internet Speed

Coming back from a poor quarter, Sprint have just introduced Sprint Spark, an ultra-fast LTE service aimed at delivering unprecedented cellular internet speed to smartphone users.

The company’s demo ran at an impressive 1Gbps, which is an unheard of connection speed for cellular data; however for the moment Sprint subscribers can expect speeds closer to 50 or 60 Mbps at peak speeds. Whilst it is expected that this speed will decrease once more people are using the same cellular network, Sprint has stated that the expectation is more speeds to go up as their technology advances.

Sprint Spark is being released with only limited availability in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Tampa and Miami; it is worth noting for users that not all smartphones currently available on the market are capable of supporting the speeds offered by this service. Within the next three years, Sprint intends to expand their high-speed cellular network to 100 cities around the US.

This new super-fast cellular internet will not only enhance video and music streaming but will eventually be able to take on what virtual reality gaming Sprint has mysteriously referred to as “futuristic apps”.

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