Startup Receives $15million to Cure Wi-Fi Worries

California-based startup Kumu Networks has just received $15 million in funding from Third Point Ventures to further develop their new Wi-Fi technology. The innovation by Kumu Networks has the potential to boost the capacity of Wi-Fi internet networks by up to twice their current capabilities.

The Wi-Fi boosting technology developed by Kumu Networks is a development of CEO Sachin Katti’s research whilst at Stanford University. Katti discovered a solution to boost Wi-Fi internet networks by removing or reducing radio interference, which causes weaker signals and unreliable connectivity.

Currently, Kumu’s technology can be applied to Wi-Fi base stations, but the funds granted to the startup by Third Point Ventures could potentially go towards creating a chip which would boost internet connectivity on smaller devices too. Interference is a problem experienced by many devices using wireless connectivity, whether this connection is Bluetooth, cellular (via networks such as 3G or 4G) or Wi-Fi. By reducing the interference experienced by devices across these networks, Kumu’s technology could potentially double the speed at which they operate.

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