Super-Fast Broadband for all UK by 2017

According to telecommunications watchdog Ofcom, all residents of the United Kingdom will be able to enjoy super-fast broadband internet connections by 2017.

Last week, Ofcom reported that almost three quarters of the UK had access to a broadband internet connection of 10 Mbps or higher, whilst almost a quarter of those people opted for a “super-fast” connection of over 30 Mbps download speed. However, it is still the case that many rural areas have no access to broadband internet owing to factors such as lack of supplier representation in the area.

Currently, all UK internet service providers (barring Three) are involved in plans to spread 4G connectivity across the whole of the UK by 2015. These measures should hopefully see 4G mobile internet speeds increase to 2Mb/sec across 98% of the UK.

Currently, BT’s super-fast Fibre broadband is available to 57% of all UK properties, and this will hopefully be expanded further thanks to government grants. With help from the British government, BT aims to extend internet coverage their coverage across most of the UK, whilst using the expanded 4G network to fill the few gaps in between.

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