Survey: Everyone Hates Their Internet Provider

If you can’t seem to get what you want from your internet service provider, rest assured that you are definitely not alone in this. A nation-wide survey run by Consumer Reports has revealed that the majority of Americans are dissatisfied with their cable and internet services.

With a wide reach of over 80,000 respondents, the Consumer Report study was able to give a lot of insight into consumer satisfaction in the communications industry. The survey revealed that even the most popular internet providers in the country received relatively low scores in terms of customer satisfaction. In fact, of the 14 providers covered in the study, 9 were awarded the lowest possible value rating by their customers.

High prices seem to be one of the biggest complaints among American internet consumers, with the average family reportedly paying $154 a month on their internet and cable bills. Although the prices of telecom services are very high, many consumers also find themselves left dissatisfied with the services they receive. Over 70% of respondents made their opinions on net neutrality clear, stating that they would switch providers if their internet were blocked, slowed down, or charged further for bandwidth-heavy services.

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