T-Mobile “Software Issues” Cause Slow Network Speeds

T-Mobile CEO John Legere confirmed that a number of American customers saw slower mobile connection speeds as the network experienced a “minor software issue” this week.

The T-Mobile CEO made this announcement via his Twitter feed on Tuesday, where he posted that a “very small number of customers saw slower data recently and only when downloading very large files.” According to Legere, the network issue had been found and fixed on Tuesday, hopefully restoring normal data speeds for T-Mobile customers across the board.

On Wednesday, a T-Mobile spokesman told mobile networking website Fierce Wireless that the issue had only affected .02 percent of customers, though Legere himself did not comment on any exact figures. Considering that T-Mobile had a reported customer base of around 45 million customers around the US, this means that around 9,000 people were affected by this loss of network speed.

So far, T-Mobile have remained tight-lipped on what the exact software issue was that affected mobile data, but the network seems to have been restored to its normal speed for all users.

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