TCP/IP Optimizer

A TCP/IP optimizer is generally a program for optimizing the TCP/IP settings of a computer to ensure maximum performance. Though this is dependent on the operating system and the connections type there are usually a dozen settings located in Windows registry capable of affecting the Internet and network performance. The program is capable of aiding both advanced and novice users in tweaking the related parameters of the TCP/IP protocol in Windows registry.

This tool makes use of advanced algorithms as well as the bandwidth’s delay product for finding the most ideal TCP window to be used for enhancing the particular connection speed. The TCP/IP optimizer has a provision for easy tuning for all the associated TCP/IP parameters and this includes RWIN, MTU and other advanced ones. All Windows versions are compatible with this program which is inclusive of additional tools like locating the largest packet size possible.

An improvement on TCP/IP performance guarantees high speeds and latency networks. The speed of all data transfers such as TCP is largely resolved through a line speed. The delay of data packets is referred to as RTT and this delay occurs every time the server is asked a question by the client computer until a response is received. With a TCP/IP optimizer, users can capitalize on their computer usage and make the most out of it.

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