Tech Giants Join Wi-Fi Coalition

With the growing rise for data and constant, reliable connectivity, technology companies have recognized the importance of expanding existing Wi-Fi networks.

Late last week, 18 tech companies including Google, Microsoft, Comcast, Motorola, and the Consumer Electronics Association announced their involvement in a project called WifiForward. As the name implies, the coalition of major companies will be working towards the common goal of expanding and improving Wi-Fi connectivity across the country in the near future.

WifiForward’s mission statement describes the coalition as working “to alleviate the Wi-Fi spectrum crunch and to support making Wi-Fi even better by finding more unlicensed spectrum.” The group will also aim to free spectrum for unlicensed use, strengthen existing spectrum, and encourage the growth and launch of more Wi-Fi networks.

The group is expected to lobby the US government to create and free up new networks, which should help to decrease the strain currently being placed on existing networks as data demands climb higher by the month. According to statistics gathered by Cisco, Wi-Fi data represents as much as 57% of all mobile traffic across the US.

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