The 10 States with the Fastest Internet Speeds

Akamai Technologies’ State of the Internet report has discovered the top 10 US states with the highest internet speeds:

State Mbps Change
Vermont 12.7 40%
New Hampshire 12 28%
Delaware 11.9 17%
District of Columbia 11.3 28%
Utah 11 29%
Massachusetts 10.7 31%
Virginia 10.7 36%
Maryland 10.6 31%
New Jersey 10.5 34%
Connecticut 10.4 24%

Aside from the above, DC was shown to have the peak highest internet speed (at 47.2 Mbps), but Vermont was close behind at 47.1Mbps. Vermont is also top of the list when it comes to average highest internet speed. Vermont’s internet speed is significantly greater than it was shown to be after Akamai’s last State of the Internet report, showing a 40% increase. Seventh-placed Maryland was just behind, with a 36% increase in its average highest internet speed.

To check the status of your internet speed, it is worthwhile running a speed test on a regular basis. Use to keep an eye on your internet speed, in order to build an accurate profile over time.

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