The Internet Speed Race is on in Austin

Lucky internet users in Austin already have the chance to subscribe to Google’s upcoming gigabit internet service, Fiber, which will connect various neighborhoods throughout the city. As if that wasn’t enough to be jealous of, lucky Austin residents can also benefit from AT&T’s new high-speed network connection.

When Google Fiber debuts in the city in the New Year, it won’t be the only option for Austin residents now that AT&T has launched GigaPower. Gigapower is part of AT&T’s U-verse, an all-fiber internet network which will offer upstream speeds up to 20 times faster than anything currently available in the city. Reportedly, AT&T’s speeds will allow users to completely download an HD movie in less than 2 minutes.

AT&T vice president and Austin general manager, Dahna Hull, gave an official statement singing the network’s praises. According to Hull, the new connection is “reliable, crazy fast and priced to attract more and more people to give us a try.”

Two internet service packages will be on offer for interested Austinites, with prices for high-speed connections starting at $70 per month, as well as bundled internet and TV bundles.

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