Tips to Lower SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio)

Lower-SNRSNR is the abbreviation for Signal-Noise-Ratio, and refers to the ratio between the signal strength and the electrical interference, or “noise”, in the lines that you use to transfer data between outside networks and your PC. The lower the value of SNR, the higher will be the speed of data transfer. However, you may often find that your connection speed is considerably slower than it is supposed to be. This usually occurs due to noise in your connection wiring. As the electrical “noise” in your wiring increases, you will find the speed of your connection getting slower and slower.

Noise in network connection wires is a problem faced by most people who connect their PCs with some network, be it local, or otherwise. Unfortunately, there is no method of eliminating noise entirely from your connection. However, some factors can reduce noise to quite an extent. These are:

  1. Quality of connecting wires: This is a very important factor which is instrumental in reducing noise in your network connection. The wires should have proper foam insulation on top, and should have the color of opaque white on the outside. Wires with almost clear plastic covers have thinner insulation, and are not as effective in reducing interference.
  2. Tightened connections: The connectors should be tightened properly. Loose connections can cause a loss in data transfer speed. Not only that, having loose connections also exposes the connectors to other outside hazards, like moisture, dust, etc. In the long run, continuous exposure to these can form a layer over the connection points, greatly reducing signal strength and speed of data transfer.
  3. Sharp bends: The connecting wires should not be subjected to any sharp bends that cause the wire to turn at 900. Wires kept in this condition can slowly break on the inside, and cause leakage of electrical pulses. This is turn will eat away signal strength. Make sure that bends in the connecting wires, if any, are semicircular in shape.
  4. Quality of connectors: Even the best quality wires will fail to work to the full potential without the proper connectors. High quality connectors, albeit being expensive, can make the difference between a clear connection and a noise-riddled one. Always buy good quality connectors from reliable stores.

These factors can help in reducing the noise in the connection cables to a good extent. Take care of these factors to make sure that the potential of your internet connection or LAN connection is being fully utilized.

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  1. It’s signal to noise ratio as you state. Signal contains the data and noise is interference. You want more signal than noise so a higher SNR is better. It’s also important that the signal power is within range for the specified device.

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