Top 10 Countries with the Fastest Internet Connections

As broadband internet connections become more common around the world, some countries are pulling ahead of the pack in terms of high speed internet penetration. Which countries have the most broadband connections per capita? Some of the results might surprise you.

On top of the list is the global leader for both internet connectivity and speed, South Korea, which is absolutely no surprise to anyone who has been following internet trends in recent years. Impressively, South Korea currently boasts 45% of all internet connections at 10 Mbps or better. It is expected that within a few years half of the 50 million residents of South Korea will have access to high-speed broadband internet at home.

Champions of broadband internet just behind South Korea are Japan with a very close 43%, followed by Switzerland at 37% high-speed broadband use. Trailing behind in 8th place, the United States fall just shy of seeing a quarter of the total population with access to high-speed internet, with a total penetration of 23%.

These statistics were gathered by Statista from Akamai’s data, as seen on their State of the Internet report.

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