Top Tips for Faster Wi-Fi on Your Laptop

A bad internet connection is enough to get on anyone’s nerves, but there are plenty of quick fixes you can try before you surrender to the urge to give your Wi-Fi router the kick it deserves.

Where are you? The best thing about accessing the internet from a laptop or any other wireless device is portability, so make the best of that! Wi-Fi isn’t an infallible system, and signals can become weakened or blocked entirely by distance or physical barriers. Try to position yourself a little closer to the router, with fewer obstacles between you and you could see your internet speeds bump up suddenly.

Get a Wi-Fi adapter. All laptops come with a built-in Wi-Fi adapter, but not all of them were created equal, so if you’re having a little trouble staying connected, an external adapter may be an ideal solution. USB Wi-Fi adapters are relatively cheap and are usually better at picking up signals than most laptops, to give you a better internet connection and speed.

Repeaters are your friends. This one involves a little shopping too- if you have a large house you may want to invest in a Wi-Fi repeater. Chances are you’ve already noticed that connecting to the internet is almost impossible in some parts of your house, but with a repeater, you can boost Wi-Fi signals in those dark areas.

Don’t forget your drivers! Make sure to regularly check that the drivers for your Wi-Fi network adapter are up to date. Updated drivers could mean better internet speeds and a more stable connection. Drivers should be available for download from the adapter manufacturer’s website absolutely free of charge.

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