Travelers Name Free Wi-Fi Top Hotel Amenity

A survey by popular travel website TripAdvisor has revealed that the number one amenity that today’s traveler looks for in a hotel is actually a free in-room Wi-Fi connection. American travelers questioned by the TripBarotmeter Truth in Travel Survey actually ranked free Wi-Fi as more important than free breakfast or personal care items.

TripAdvisor’s survey isn’t the only one to reveal just how important a free internet connection is to travelers; another study revealed this year that travelers found Wi-Fi access as important as a comfortable bed. According to that study, run by mobile service provider iPass, despite how important this amenity was considered to be as many as 81% of travelers have had negative Wi-Fi experience.

The survey by TripAdvisor ranked the most important and least important hotel amenities according to American travelers. Of all the factors affecting guests’ decisions in choosing a hotel, Wi-Fi was listed as the most important one, with a huge 89% of travelers stating that it was a very important factor to them. Skulking at the bottom of the list were amenities such as a business center, laundry service and a mini bar.

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