Two-Thirds of US Smartphone Market Owned by Apple and Samsung

If you’re American and you own a smartphone, there is a 68% chance that your handset was manufactured by either Apple or Samsung. The two dueling phone manufacturers are leaving competition in the dust as they constantly strive to outdo one another.

According to a recent study from the NPD Group, Apple’s various iPhone models made up a whole 42% of the market share during the last quarter of 2013. On the other hand, Samsung’s smartphones held 26% of the market, which shows a 4% rise from its market share last year.

The two manufacturers have seen their smartphones grow more and more popular over recent years as other companies have gone into decline. Unsurprisingly, Blackberry fare the worst during the last year, with its share dropping by nearly two thirds according to the NPD’s previous statistics.

In the last year, smartphone penetration increased to 60%, showing a year-on-year gain of 8% according to the NPD. Data usage has also climbed from 5.5GB per month in 2012 to 6.6GB per month for smartphone users in 2013.

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