UK and Germany Collaborate on 5G Research

Researchers from three universities in the UK and Germany will band together to spur developments in 5G wireless technology. The research was announced by British Prime Minister David Cameron as part of an initiative to drive development of faster mobile internet connections and communication.

Although many people in rural areas are still waiting to get 4G mobile connection speeds, the race for the 5G connection is already well underway. Leading the world 5G research is a massive Chinese networking company Huawei, which reportedly has plans to invest over $616 million in developing this next stage of mobile technology over the next four years.

South Korean developers estimate that 5G mobile connections will go into trials by 2017, however a more conservative estimate is that it will likely become available sometime in 2020. In theory, 5G could revolutionize the way we use mobile internet, with potential speeds of up to 100Gbps- which is over 1000 times faster than the fastest 4G LTE speeds currently available.

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