UK-based EE introducing 4G LTE-A 300Mbps network

EE introducing 4G LTEEE has fired up the latest form of its 4G network in East London’s Tech City area; with the new LTE-Advanced network capable of providing download speeds of up to 300Mbps. Unfortunately, network customers will have to wait until at least summer 2014 for the new speeds to hit, as EE is only rolling out the service to a select few businesses in the area for now. EE’s intention is to explore how this network adapts to the collective demands of a high-traffic business before adopting its consumer service accordingly.

“The amount of capacity within the 4G network enables the extension of vital, high-data business applications…to become cloud-based, offering enterprises increased efficiency and flexibility,” said EE CEO Olaf Swantee, in a statement. “Financial institutions in particular – often reliant upon transferring large volumes of data – can benefit enormously from this flexibility. Increased bandwidth across the network also enables a new approach to outside broadcast for media companies, as a small number of 4G SIMs can replace an entire satellite truck and the rental of a satellite connection.”

With EE’s lips already sealed about the launch date for the consumer service, it is no surprise that they have not offered any details about pricing yet. However, if you happen to be a business in the Tech City area of London, keep an eye on EE’s website to see when you can apply to be amongst the first to try the network for yourself.

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