UK Data Demand May Overflow Networks by 2020

So high is the demand for data from cellular and Wi-Fi providers in the UK that a new report has outlined the possibility that networks in Britain will be overloaded with signals by 2020.
A new report by leading wireless consultancy firm Real Wireless has outlined information about how this issue may begin to affect network connectivity in Britain. It is estimated that within a decade, the country’s communication network will be unable to cope with data demands unless something is done to remedy the situation soon.

The UK’s network problems are being referred to as the “spectrum crunch” and Real Wireless estimates that at least 300 Mhz more cellular along with 350 MHz more Wi-Fi spectrum will need to be made available to stop it. According to the consultancy, the UK’s government and providers will have to face the challenge of managing consumer demands for data and continue to improve Wi-Fi and cellular network service.

Although it was announced last month that certain spectrums in the UK would become more expensive for providers to use, the increased price for the consumer will probably not drive down the demand for network connectivity and data availability.

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