UK Homes May Only Need 19Mbps Connection by 2023

According to the surprising results of a new survey, the average household in the UK may only need a 19Mbps broadband connection to efficiently access the internet in 2023.

The study conducted by the Broadband Stakeholder Group (BSG), which advises the British government on telecommunications matters, stated that within the next decade, only 1% of all UK households would need a 35Mbps internet connection. Currently, the British coalition government has set its sights on supplying at least 95% of the UK with 25Mbps broadband connections by 2017, a figure which should apparently more than meet the requirements of the average consumer in years to come.

The figure may seem low, but the report states that the drop in internet speed requirements has got everything to do with the rapid evolution of technologies such as video compression. The report also takes into account the fact that over 60% of households only contain one or two persons.

Whilst the report’s figures look positive for the UK’s government, the actual average broadband requirement will still depend heavily on the technologies which are released within the coming decade. The fast-approaching launch of the PlayStation 4, as well at 4K TV may seriously change the connection requirements of the average British internet user.

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