UK Transport to Receive Superfast Satellite Internet

Travelers in the UK could soon benefit from speedy internet connections on planes, boats and trains thanks to telecoms watchdog Ofcom’s recent approval of satellite broadband. This change in regulations should allow transportation services to introduce more reliable internet connections to passengers, with speeds up to 10 times faster than previously offered.

In the past, internet offered on trains or planes in the UK was slow, relying on 3G signals- if any connection existed at all! Luckily for travelers around the UK, Ofcom’s new ruling has approved the use of satellite-based internet connections which should reportedly be capable of providing “superfast broadband” on many forms of communication. Reportedly, Ofcom has even set aside part of the high-frequency spectrum specifically to be used in the transmission of data to and from airlines, trains, and ferry operations.

The reason behind this sudden change boils down to Ofcom’s approval of a technology which will allow transportation operators to track satellites, making it easier for them to connect to the internet and maintain good speeds whilst in motion. The use of satellite internet on airplanes has already become relatively commonplace in the US, where airlines such as JetBlue have taken to using the ViaSat-1 satellite connection to offer travelers reliable internet connections whilst aboard.

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