Unlimited Cloud Storage for Sprint Subscribers

Subscribers to Sprint’s wireless network can now benefit from unlimited cloud storage space from Pogoplug as a part of its unlimited services package.

To start off with, Sprint customers will receive access to up to 5GB of cloud storage with Pogoplug, but if they wish, they will also be able to upgrade to unlimited storage for just $4.99. Existing Sprint customers just need to download the Pogoplug app to their phone either via Sprint Zone, Apple’s App Store, or Google Play. With the app installed, you’re free to store photos, music, video and any data you like on the cloud, which will save you storage space on your mobile device.

Pogoplug is also available to iPhone and Android users who are not Sprint subscribers, so the service’s cloud storage system can be used for the same price even if you are subscribed to AT&T, T-Mobile or any other carrier. Handily, Sprint customers can opt to pay for their unlimited subscription directly through their Sprint bill.

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