US Download Speeds Can’t Compare to Foreign Competitors

The US was one of the first countries where the internet was used and has pioneered technology and connectivity ever since, so it may be surprising to learn that in comparison to the rest of the world, American download speeds aren’t quite up to scratch. In fact, when it comes to internet speeds, the US comes in at a disappointing 31st place.

New data has revealed that literally dozens of countries host faster download speeds than the United States. American internet speeds on average were recorded at around 20.74 Mbps in peak times, limping far behind connection trailblazers like Hong Kong, Singapore and Romania who have speeds of 71.22 Mbps, 52.75 Mbps and 50.26 Mbps respectively.

It is reported that one of possible reasons for America’s low ranking on this global chart is partially because of the size of the country, as well as the general lack of cohesive internet infrastructure. Although connection speeds may be much higher in some parts of the country (such as those were 1GB internet is offered), there are still comparatively large parts of the US where the internet is slow, or broadband is unavailable, leaving dial-up as the only option.

It is hoped that this outcome will be helped in the future thanks to companies offering more high-speed internet options such as Google Fiber, as well as the availability of better wireless signals or satellite internet.

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