Verizon Continues LTE Expansion across Selected Cities

As America’s mobile carriers continue to bicker and battle over wireless technology and FCC approval, Verizon has once again expanded the reach of its LTE network, bringing faster wireless connections to their customers.

Sometime last year, Verizon purchased $3.6 billion worth of spectrum rights from a cable consortium, which is how they’ve managed to further expand their network coverage this year. Although it took some time, the labor seems to all have paid off as Verizon expand super-fast LTE connections to major cities like Chicago, Seattle and Atlanta. Verizon’s new faster internet and mobile download speeds were first seen in New York last month, where their LTE rollout began.

According to an interview with GigaOM, the new LTE connection capacity offered by Verizon will make surfing the internet from a smartphone or mobile device much faster. Verizon users in LTE zones can expect internet connection speeds of 80Mbps, with speeds as high as 150Mbps being theoretically possible.

The deployment of the 40MHz spectrum means that western cities, as well as some cities east of the Mississippi, will start enjoying Verizon’s new connection speeds. So far, Verizon has declined to advertise their new faster connections, largely based on the fact that the speeds have not yet stabilized, and could still drop somewhat with an overcrowded network.

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