Verizon Offers Mobile Internet for $5 Daily

For all those who use their mobile internet sparingly if at all, Verizon is now offering a $5 daily data plan to offer fast connections to those who aren’t interested in monthly contracts.

This new prepaid internet plan is available for tablets and other mobile devices and will grant up to 300MB of data per day. Whilst this data bundle is more than is strictly needed for web browsing and sending emails, we don’t suggest you attempt to download HD videos if you want it to last.

This data bundle is primarily aimed either at people who don’t want a full mobile connection contract but still find themselves in need of a reliable internet connection every now and again. The bundle is particularly ideal for travel days when reliable wireless connections might not always be available. In an official blog post, Verizon wrote; “If Wi-Fi isn’t available in a specific location or the security of a public Wi-Fi network is questionable, cellular is the way to go.”

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