Virgin Media Rolling out Faster Internet Speeds across UK

UK based internet service provider Virgin is planning to boost their broadband speeds substantially for users across the country. Virgin’s UK users can expect to see their internet speeds rise by a minimum of 20Mbps as of February 2014, however it is also reported that they will experience a 6.7% rise in price.

Rumours of the release of a faster broadband package have been circulating for some time, but now Virgin customers are being notified of the speed boost via Virgin’s website. According to the member account pages on Virign’s website, new internet speeds are expected to be as high as 152Mbps. Customers who previously subscribed to a 30Mbps internet connection will find their speeds boosted up to 50Mbps, whilst existing 60Mbps customers will rise to 100Mbps.

The roll out of new speeds is expected to reach 12.5 million fibre-optic broadband customers in phased deployment during the early months of 2014. The rise in price is one of the last possible for internet service providers, as new rules coming into effect in 2014 allow users to instantly break their contracts when providers raise prices.

Currently across the UK only 19% of households have opted for internet service of over 30Mbps. Virgin customers are not alone in this price change, as BT also announced a 6.5% rise of their rates as of January 2014, though it is unclear whether faster speeds will also be offered.

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