Web Creator Tim Berners-Lee Warns about Internet Surveillance

The man responsible for creating the internet as we know it, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, spoke out this week when he warned about the growing threat of online surveillance and censorship.

The warning was delivered at the launch of the World Wide Web Foundation’s annual web index report. According to studies conducted around the world, 94% of countries surveyed have little or no monitoring when it comes to the issues of government internet interception. The study also revealed that internet censorship was present in 30% of the countries, largely with regards to blocked political content. The report concluded that the legal framework surrounding government snooping on the internet needed an immediate review.

One positive result from the report, according to Sir Tim was the fact that the increased importance of web and social media had increasingly encouraged people to speak up and take action against wrongs around the world. The internet can be a very strong platform which governments may be threatened by, which goes some lengths to explain the increase of web surveillance and spying. The creator of the web himself went on to add that bold steps would need to be taken to protect the fundamental rights of internet users to privacy and freedom of expression online.
Sir Tim Berners-Lee has been an outspoken critic of online government spying ever since whistle-blower Edward Snowden’s revelations came to light.

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