What is Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)

ICS or Internet Connection Sharing is an important tool that allows computer users to share one internet connection within a local area network. The internet connection is versatile because all the users can carry out different internet activities simultaneously. As one person checks e-mail, another can be browsing the internet or downloading information. This facility was initiated by Microsoft Windows with the release of its second edition of the operating system Microsoft Windows 98. It is useful because it reduces the hassle of having multiple connections, which is not only costly but also requires additional apparatus.

Internet connection sharing allows for one proxy server to be installed catering for all the computers on the network giving full access. This is done through redirection of data packets. ICS enables the management of the internet functions from one location. These management functions are well defined and constant. The only disadvantage of this system could be speed related. Test internet connection speed, by running the application above!

Internet Connection Development happens to be a collection of different technologies and other services allowing the windows embedded operating system to facilitate a gateway linking a local area network to the World Wide Web. ICS enables an automated configuration of the LAN processing relevant information through services that are offered by a DCHP or Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Server. ICS also gives name resolution support automatically without the need of reconfiguration via a Domain Name System DNS proxy. Internet Connection Sharing offers demand-dial routing for packets. This is done to and from the World Wide Web using an auto dial function.

ICS has an advantage over hardware routers because of the fact that it is embedded into the OS therefore no additional software is required. Although many of the configuration options in hardware routers are not available with Internet Connection Sharing, there are some setbacks to Internet Connection Sharing. The first setback is that it does not have any logging on or filtering capability. Additionally, operations such as VPN’s and h.323 or netmeeting are not enabled.

When considering having an ICS connection, it should be decided whether the equipment to be used will be wireless or wired. Business premises often prefer networks that are wired because they normally have faster speeds and securing them is considerably easier than with wireless networks. Internet Connection Sharing happens to be an affordable way of saving on money because it avoids the need for several ISP accounts while giving sufficient multiple internet connection. If having a local area network connection, use ICS to share an internet connection.

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