What is WPA2 Wi-Fi?

WPA2-Wi-FiIf you want to connect to a public Wi-Fi network, or even set up a network of your own, then WPA2 is something you certainly need to consider. A secure Wi-Fi connection is very important if a network is accessible to a large number of people, and WPA2 could be the perfect tool to ensure that private data is kept safe.

Many people are still unaware of the fact that an unsecured Wi-Fi network can be incredibly dangerous if hackers are present on the same network. When using an open network, it is very easy for your traffic to be intercepted and logged by hackers, who may even be able to steal your passwords, online banking information and personal details.

When looking for or creating a public Wi-Fi network, it is always a good idea to use WPA2 technology to keep data safe. WAP2- short for Wireless Protected Access 2- is a security protocol which provides strong encryption to Wi-Fi network connections; when WAP2 is in place, multiple users can safely browse the same network connection without fear of hacking.

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