Which Companies Rule the Internet?

This chart compiled by Mashable shows the 10 companies with the most frequently visited websites on the internet in July 2013. There are very few surprises here.

Unsurprisingly out in the front of the pack is internet search giant Google, which aside from the eponymous search engine, also owns popular video site YouTube, as well as Android. The presence of Microsoft, Facebook and Yahoo are definitely no surprises either for anyone who’s used the internet in the last decade.

This past July, over 1.2 billion people visited a Google web property. To put that into perspective, that accounts for 1 in every 7 people on the face of the planet in a single month. Keep in mind that these aren’t how many hits Google’s websites have had in the month of July, there are 1.2 billion unique users. Currently there are estimated to be 2.4 billion internet users on the planet, so according to these figures, half of the internet users on the planet visited Google.

The bottom half of the list is dominated by China-based companies Sohu.com, Tencent, Alibaba and Baidu. Between them, these 4 companies amassed a total of 1.3 billion unique visitors in the span of a month.

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