Why Do Cable Internet Speeds Fluctuate?

Millions of internet users in the United States currently choose to invest in cable internet, however, even at its most popular, consumers still complain of poor speed and unreliable connections.

Whilst cable internet is more expensive than the alternative DSL connection, it remains the more popular option of the two. The main reason behind cable’s market lead is that, in general, cable service providers and able to offer much faster internet speeds in their packages. However, what people might not know is that when you purchase a cable internet package offering a 30Mbps connection that is the maximum achievable speed. This means that many users find their speed lagging or fluctuating at different points throughout the day.

The way cable internet works by forming a loop of connected cable modems along which data is transferred. The loop starts and ends at the central office of your ISP, but the more people there are connected to the same loop as you, and the more data they transfer, the slower the loop becomes. If many users on your loop are accessing the internet at once, you may find that your connection speed will begin to lag.

One way to get the best internet speed you can on a cable connection might be to monitor your performance at different times of the day on testinternetspeed.net. You will find that your speed will be best at times when few of your fellow cable subscribers are online.

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