Why is US Broadband So Expensive?

These days everyone wants top-notch internet speeds at home, whether it’s to stream movies, play games, or share content with our loved ones, but for US users this can mean huge bills. High speed internet access at home can cost American users almost triple what it would cost their counterparts in the UK or France. Why is this gap so wide for what is ultimately the same service?

While internet users in South Korea are speeding along with the fastest connection speeds in the world, Americans enjoy less than half the download speeds on average, and can pay as much as five times more. Though the average American enjoys a high standard of living, many things in the US are simply more expensive than in Europe or Asia, and broadband is definitely on that list.

The average price of broadband in the US goes up and down depending on whether you are looking at a big city or not. Broadband users in New York City can pay upwards of $70 a month for internet bundles, whilst residents of tech hub San Francisco need to fork out almost $100 for 20MB download speeds. To put that in perspective, the same package would cost only $35 in Paris, France.

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