Why You Should Check Your Internet Connection Speed

Test internet speedRunning regular checks of the health of your internet connection should go without saying. If you’re paying for a certain speed and it is not meeting your standards, then your Internet Service Provider (ISP) could be lying to you. If you’re suspicious, the best thing to do is to gauge the speed of your internet over time. Set certain points during the week – during the morning, or after your dinner – when you can check your connection at different times. Build up a spreadsheet with said times and take note of the speeds you find – both upload and download speeds, it’s important to measure both on the scale. Lost internet speed could be down to other things aside from your ISP of course (check on your computer performance, for example) but it wouldn’t hurt to keep record of your speeds.

TestInternetSpeed.org makes it that much easier for you to keep tabs on your internet connection. Simply click the ‘Start’ button and wait. Use this handy tool as your starting point to keep track of your internet connection; and your ISP.

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