Wi-Fi Passport Goes Live in Indonesia

A new service rolled out by Google in Jakarta, Indonesia is aimed at providing affordable Wi-Fi internet to Android users. The service- called Wi-Fi Passport- will allow users to get cheap internet access via hotspots around the city thanks to a new app.

According to Google’s site, Wi-Fi Passport is aimed at keeping users connected without relying on 3G network connections, which can be congested. Android users will be able to use up to 3GB of data in a day, 7GB in a week, or 10GB in a month. The app even allows free Wi-Fi use within the first 10 days as a promotional trial. Once this term ends, users will be able to connect at a rate of $1.86 (in local terms, 20,000 rupiah) for 20 days, or $4.65 (50,000 rupiah) for 50 days.

Google’s expansion is part of the push by technology companies to connect “the next billion” and get more of the world online. It is not yet known if Google’s Wi-Fi initiative will expand to the rest of Indonesia, or to other developing nations. Google is still working on Project Loon, which will allow people around the world to connect to the internet via transmitters attached to a network of weather balloons.

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