Wi-Fi Spreads along New York Subway System

New York City commuters will soon have more chance to stay connected while they travel thanks to increased Wi-Fi and mobile coverage in subway stations.

This week, Transit Wireless unveiled the second phase of the wireless rollout project, set up along with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. To start catering for the increased demand for data and connectivity in public spaces, Wi-Fi infrastructure will be set up in 11 stations located in midtown Manhattan. Amongst the stations receiving improved wireless internet service is Grand Central Station, along with Bryant Park, and 34th St. Herald Square.

Once this phase of the rollout is complete, Transit Wireless will begin to expand its network to Queens as of March. Network components are being supplied by the nation’s four top service providers; AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, and Sprint. On the other hand, New York’s subway Wi-Fi will be provided by Boingo Wireless.

Almost 250 million people ride the New York City subway in a single year, all of whom will have the chance to connect to Transit Wireless’ Wi-Fi system as on June.

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