Yahoo Aims to save Bandwidth with Speedy Startup Purchase

Yahoo's peer-to-peer sharing networkYahoo’s been going on a little shopping-spree lately and one of their latest acquisitions is content-speeding startup company PeerCDN. The interest in PeerCDN on Yahoo’s part means that the company may be taking a more active interest in more efficient content delivery and saving bandwidth for their users.

The startup is responsible for a peer-to-peer sharing network, which allows users to easily share content such as videos, download, and images. The idea behind this content delivery network is to allow users to have better control over their connection resources and lower their bandwidth costs by using networks as efficiently as possible.

The acquisition was confirmed by Yahoo, who stated that along with the buyout, three of PeerCDN’s engineers have been added to Yahoo’s team in company headquarters at Sunnyvale, California. It is likely that the PeerCDN engineers will be part of the team working to correct the errors which most recently affected Yahoo’s Mail servers, causing seriously impaired service for some Yahoo users.

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