Yahoo Reigns as Most Trafficked Site on the Internet

The latest data from internet analytics company ComScore has revealed that Yahoo and its associated websites are the most heavily trafficked sites for American internet users. In the month of December, Yahoo received 195 million unique US visitors, beating out Google to take the top spot for the 6th month in a row.

On Monday, ComScore released its list of the most trafficked sites on the internet, with the top three places predictably being held by Yahoo, Google and Microsoft. The three tech giants have been vying for the top spot for some time, with Yahoo finally managing to knock Google off the number 1 spot in July 2013 and hanging on ever since.

Whilst Yahoo may be the most popular site on the internet for Americans on traditional computers, it’s also worth mentioning that ComScore’s statistics do not take mobile traffic into consideration. Of all the social media sites available on the internet, Facebook reigned supreme amongst American users, claiming the 4th spot on the charts with 140 million unique visitors. According to ComScore’s data there are over 224 million unique internet users in America.

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