How to Check Computer Speed

Computer speed test at testinternetspeed.orgIf you have purchased a state of the art PC with a powerful processor, oodles of RAM and a high capacity hard disk, then you will certainly be interested in getting the best possible performance out of it. You should test the working speed of your PC at times to make sure that your new rig is working at the peak of its abilities. Here are some tips for checking how well your PC is working:

  1. CPU and memory usage: The CPU and RAM are constantly being used by your PC to run all the services and applications. So, it is good for you to know exactly how much of these two resources are being consumed by the applications. In order to find that out, open up the Task Manager by right clicking on the taskbar and selecting “Task Manager”. Open up the tab named “Performance”. On the lower panel located on the right hand side, there is a field named “Physical Memory (K)”. The first value under this heading shows the total quantity of memory (RAM) present in your PC. The second value represents the quantity of free RAM available at that moment. Now take a look at the bottom of the window. You will see “CPU Usage” written over there with a percentage value given beside it. The percentage value should be changing constantly. The lower this value is, the better it is for your PC. Unless you are running some heavy application like Adobe® Photoshop™, or have a lot of Explorer windows open, this value should ideally lie between 2% and 5%.
  2. Internet speed and available bandwidth: If you are using a high performance internet connection at home, then you would definitely want it to be really fast. You can check this speed of your network connection with the help of some websites. These websites have special tools that can scan your connection speed and let you know exactly how fast it is. You can test your internet speed for free on this same website too, simply click on ‘Begin Test’. It will check your upload/ download speeds, as well as how long it takes for an external website to reach your PC.

These tests will allow you to determine your computer speed and the speed of your internet connection as well. Do these tests frequently to make sure that your computer is performing to the best of its abilities.

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